Zach Gross (zjg144) wrote in 818_661gangstas,
Zach Gross

Party Info Sent to cell phone

Hey do you want to know where parties are going to be, or do you already know and want to spread the word. Then TXTMob is what you need. TXtMob allows for users of the same group to send messages in real time to everyone who joins the group. CHSpartys is one of the groups at and if you're interested go and register a username for you cellphone or cellphones and sign up.

Remember... TXTmob CHSpartys is new. There are not that many people yet. if you really want to know where the parties are you need to help spread the word. get friends to join and when any of you hears about an open party send a message so everyone knows.

All you need to do to join is to go to select a username and password and then select your phone... For protection purposes when you select your cellular provider and your cell phone # a message will be sent right away with an activation code. Once activated you can look for clubs to join. There are many to choose from but if you want to know about local partys in the 818 area code you need to be part of CHSpartys. You can find out more at the website. Tell everyone you know.
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