Martin (aliceinbeans) wrote in 818_661gangstas,

final call for the zine!

For anyone who is still considering if joining the new zine please go to my space and join the community: There are two reasons why we choose to make a my space community over LJ. One, we dont have a definate name for the zine ( and we wont until all the SOLid members can agree to it), but on myspace we can change the name of the commuity without making a new one. Secondly, it's because the myspace profile is more descriptive than LJ userinfo(this let's the staff get to know eachotherbetter on a personal level). All people who apply to the community, well get accpeted, but need to wait to get approved. Devon will approve ALL applicants. If you dont have a myspace, GET ONE.The deadline to join the community and be apart of the zine is SUNDAY @4AM. Applicants WILL NOT be accpeted after the deadline.Thank you for letting me be apart of your day!
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