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818 661 Gangstas

when ur with da 818 661 gangstas, ur as G as can be homeboy

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If you live in da 661 or 818 area code and you're
a) a pimp(ette) or hustla
b) one bad mutha pucka
c) too hot to handle
d) an original gangsta
e) some lil white kid who thinks he's black
then this is da place 4 you

Here you can--> talk about ur hardships as young G growin up in da hood of calabasas/west hills/reseda/canoga park/valencia/saugus/etc., rep ur crew or gang to show everyone who's boss, challenge other gangstas/hustlas to rap battles or make them prove they're gangsta, post a rap ya thought of as you watched the VH1 special on tupac, and do whateva else ur lil heart desires

1. no racist remarks (if anyone drops the n-word and they ain't black, a cap will be popped in yo ass! that goes for any other nationalities too, cuz them mexicans and asians can do some damage too!)
2. have some funizzle, aiight?
3. help grade future gangstas

if for some reason you don't live in da 818 or 661 ghettos you can make a request to join, but you will have to answer some questions. answer 1.)your name (street names are chill) 2.)where you reppin from 3.)why we should let into our hood 4.)--if possible--a pic of you reppin ur hood in some way...you'll post all of this in the community (after you temporarily join, stupid ass),we'll grade you, and you will know if ur in or not. but if ur stupid ass isn't gangsta enough for us, then you'll be kicked the hell out into the gutta with yo mama!